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Data Driven Use Cases with the

IAMDS Platform

"Bit by Bit" floods a huge amount of data into many companies every day and opens up unprecedented opportunities - if you know how to use them. Our Data team with the help of the IAMDS Platform specializes in the realization of individual data platforms with customized data stream processing - whether it is a platform for IoT data or a Big Data solution for a variety of measurement data. Using pre-built modules, we can collect, segment, unify, and transform your data into streams to make your enterprise data flow usable for further processing. Data warehousing is also implemented with data warehouse components so that the raw data generated is best prepared for further analysis and processing purposes. This drastically accelerates data analysis by BI and AI systems.

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An ecosystem for the development of individual data services

Standardization of the data flow, through event-based data processing and high-performance database technology.

Unified and modular design for rapid development of custom microservices.

Provision of code modules to reduce redundant development and standardization of processes.

Creating an infrastructure in which individual services can be operated at a productive standard.

Standardization of system-relevant services becomes a Use Case Turbo

Data Governance

Central administration of data sinks, data types, data pipelines and meta information.

Identity Management

Customizable standards for authentication and authorization of services, devices and users.

Service Orchestration

Standardized processes for productive operation such as monitoring, service communication and control.

Data Security

High security standards and complete separation of data, for individual DSGVO requirements.

System Layering

Provide standardized technologies for data collection, processing, and delivery.

Management UI + API

All functions of the platform can be used through a central management interface.

Technology Stack


Big Data platforms and Data Lake projects are driving the digital transformation process. Business intelligence solutions together with tools based on machine learning and artificial intelligence are a valuable competitive advantage.