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A well-designed software architecture saves countless development hours

Technology is evolving faster than ever, and you need to keep pace. Achieve measurably higher scalability, performance and cost savings thanks to the development of a resilient software architecture. We've delivered many projects over the past few years using modern microservice architectures for BigData, streaming data, web and mobile applications. Our team of architects actively supports you - no matter if it is the implementation of a new project or the re-architecting of an existing system.
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Performance and scalability

Achieve high performance and scalability through the use of container virtualization.

Flexibility in development

Simplify adding, replacing, or changing individual components without re-factoring the entire solution.

Cost transparency

No opaque pay-per-use models, but a quickly adaptable infrastructure.


State-of-the-art technologies for user security, information security and application-level security.


Minimize downtime with automatic scalability that responds to fluctuating traffic.

Fast deployment

Reduce time-to-market through a mature continuous delivery model.

Technology Stack

Rely on solutions that will continue to work in the future

Why microservices?

  • Independent provision of functions
  • Easy testing and maintenance
  • Support of CI/CD through loose coupling
  • Reusability of developments

Reusability of developments

  • Unparalleled software scalability and availability
  • Deploy customizable on-demand cloud technologies
  • Rapid development using hundreds of prebuilt services
  • Use of Apple, Instagram, Netflix and Etsy

Redesign software architecture?

  • Replacing old systems with intelligent components
  • Refocusing on innovation
  • Software scalability
  • Achieve business agility

Why container virtualization?

  • Isolation and speed
  • Safety advantages of containers
  • High fidelity in all environments
  • Large community around Docker
  • High scalability through Kubernetes cluster