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Maximum efficiency through individual web development

Modern software technologies have enabled the development of a new generation of web-based applications that offer services that until recently could only be realised by native applications. Our full-stack web development approach focuses on fulfilling your specific needs. We take on the project management and work closely with you to develop powerful and customised software systems for your business, both front-end and back-end. Our developers and designers follow best practices to deliver sustainable and scalable systems..
Cross-platform technologies mark a turning point in the development of modern mobile applications. This enables the creation of cross-platform mobile apps that work natively for both iOS and Android. This approach makes it possible to develop apps for the two most popular mobile platforms with a single code base.
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Long-term scalability

A modular solution that allows you to develop your idea into a product.

Strong community

The leading technologies for modern web development, supported by thousands of developers and enthusiasts.

Flexible architecture

Mircoservice architecture, for rapid implementation of use cases.

World class UI/UX

Create exceptionally beautiful and responsive user interfaces for hybrid applications.

Based on JavaScript

Ability to create fully native mobile applications using web development language.

Groundbreaking speed

A cross-platform solution that is almost as fast as native mobile frameworks.

Product design - from brainstorming, to UX/UI, to quality assurance.

Turn your digital product into an experience. You get everything you need to launch a product that is attractive to the user.

We create frictionless customer journey maps with you using Miro. With this, we show what the user really needs. In order to finally create user-optimized and comprehensible designs or prototypes with Figma.

Client-side programming

Secure state-of-the-art frontend development with a team that specializes in two of the most widely used and innovative web frameworks of 2021. Vue.js and React.js are component-based web frameworks that allow these components to be intelligently reused to reduce development times. The developed components can themselves be reused as cross-platform desktop applications in frameworks like Electron. Thus, a frontend can be created for all situations, offering maximum flexibility.

Server-side programming

Just as with front-end frameworks, popularity is a good measure of the solution's viability. Generally, the more popular a solution is, the more support (e.g. helpful community, extensive documentation, third-party extensions and tools) it offers. Good to know for modern web development: choosing a programming language is almost unnecessary today. This is because virtually all developers work with frameworks and the choice of a framework ultimately determines the language.

Node.js as a backend solution needs a little more explanation. It is not a standalone language, but a way to run JavaScript/TypeScript, the frontend language, in the backend. Thus, JavaScript can be used as a standalone programming language. While there are some differences between using these languages on the frontend and backend, there are also many similarities - we can provide full-stack developers.

Database technology

Every modern web or mobile application needs a database. The truth is that it is not so important which specific database you choose. What matters from the start is whether it's a relational database like PostgreSQL or a NoSQL database like MongoDB. Both have advantages and disadvantages. For us it is only important to choose the right technology for you, depending on your use case and requirements, to ensure a sustainable technology stack for your application.

Cross-platform mobile applications

React Native development services can be used to develop applications that feel and work exactly like mobile applications written in the native language (e.g. Java, Swift) in every way.

In addition, developers can use both JavaScript and the native languages simultaneously. Because React Native communicates with the native SDK and works in the background to bring UI elements to the user, there are no performance issues typical of frameworks that use WebView.

Not only can you share a lot of React native code between your different mobile apps, but you can also reuse some code and components from your React web app. Today, JavaScript can be used as the foundation for almost every element of your stack, including the backend web development language.